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The Path from Intern to Full Time Wells Fargo Team Member

Interns, have you ever wondered what happens once your internship ends? In this episode Parth Patel discusses his path from intern to full time Wells Fargo team member and how this journey has transpired over the last nine years.

Lori Strain: Vice President, Enterprise Recruiting Initiatives, Retain and Work Director Teams

Is it possible to have several distinct careers all with the same employer?  Maintaining tenure while learning new skills and continuing to challenge yourself?  While in Des Moines, Lori Strain discussed her journey with the organization, Wells Fargo’s commitment to diversity, and her favorite Star Wars movies. 

Transitioning from Military Service to the Private Sector, the Opportunity that Lies within Wells Fargo

Join an organization that values your service and is built upon partnering together to achieve a common goal. In this episode Leroy Clark from Wells Fargo's targeted sourcing team shares his background and how he and his team are committed to matching thousands of veterans with opportunities at Wells Fargo.

How Wells Fargo is evolving into an innovator and employer of choice in technology: Jason M. Griffin – Recruiting Senior Manager

Amongst recruiters it seems every employer is looking for the very best technology talent. In this episode, Jason shares his background which started around the time of Y2K (remember that?) and takes us to present day where he leads a team focused on attracting technologists to Wells Fargo.

Beth Causey – SVP Recruiting Leader Enterprise Functions: The intersection of opportunity and culture, creating possibilities across Wells Fargo

Are recruiters really matchmakers at their core, matching candidates with opportunity? Beth Causey, Senior Vice President Recruiting Leader of Enterprise Functions for Wells Fargo. In this episode Beth shares her career journey, the roles her team recruits for, opportunities in risk and compliance, her thoughts on flexible work and the notion of creating a culture where people are excited to come to work every day.

Jose Garcia, SVP of Diversity Recruiting Strategy: Creating and Cultivating a Leadership Culture of Diversity

What does it mean to create a leadership culture where attracting diverse candidates is a priority? Jose Garcia, Senior Vice President of Diversity Recruiting Strategy for Wells Fargo, discusses his background and how Wells Fargo is curating initiatives to recruit diverse leaders.

An introduction to Working at Wells Fargo with host Dan Degraw

An introduction to the Working at Wells Fargo podcast. Hear directly from management at Wells Fargo. Learn about their professional journey and get insight into career opportunities at Wells Fargo.